Christian Twente is a writer/director with a strong track record in factually based dramas, dramadocs and documentaries.

His most important works are the series Sturm über Europa – Die Völkerwanderung (Storm Over Europe – The Wandering Tribes) (ZDF, ARTE: 2001), Wege aus der Finsternis – Europa im Mittelalter (Ways Out of Darkness. Europe in the Middle Ages) (ZDF, ARTE: 2003), Die geheime Geschichte der Mongolen (The Secret History of the Mongol People) (ZDF, ARTE: 2004), Der Tag X – Tage, die die Welt veränderten (X Days: Days That Changed the World) (ZDF, Arte: 2005) and 2057 – Die Welt (Update 2057 – The World in 50 Years) (ZDF, Arte: 2007).

Christian Twente wrote and directed the series Welcome to China, consisting of Sturm über China – Das Geheimnis des Ersten Kaisers (Secrets of the First Emperor) (ZDF, NGCI: 2006) and another four parts on  Der Superwall – Chinas Große Mauer  (China’s Great Wall) (ZDF, NGCI: 2007) and Chinas Verbotene Stadt (China’s Forbidden City) (ZDF, ARTE: 2007).

Christian Twente wrote and directed the drama-doc Die Varusschlacht (The Battle Against Rome – Arminius – Enemy of Rome and A Province Too Far) (ZDF, ARTE, ZDF Enterprises 2009) and, in 2010, the mini series “Superbauten” (Super Structures) (ZDF, 2010), presented award winner Sebastian Koch.

He was director of drama in the 20-part series Die Deutschen (The Germans) (ZDF: 2008/2010), the first season was nominated for the German TV awards.

Followed by the series Der Heilige Krieg (Holy War) (ZDF) and the six-part series Frauen, die Geschichte machten (Women Who Changed History) (arte/ZDF) in 2013.

In 2014 he directed the two-part drama-doc Alexander der Grosse (Alexander the Great) (arte/ZDF), followed by a co-production of BBC and ZDF on Die Kelten (The Celts).

He recently directed the history about the life of and lawsuit against former football pro and then manager of FC Bayern Munich football team Uli Hoeness, a 90-minutes-dramadoc called Der Patriarch (The Patriarch) (ZDF, 2015), followed by a dramadoc on „The Luther-Tribunal“ (The Luther Trial, 90 Min. ZDF). In 2017 and 2018 he directed a three-part-documentary „Die Reise der Menschheit (Journey of Mankind, arte/ZDF) and was working as a writer/director on a primetime-dramadoc on „Karl Marx“ (Gruppe 5 Filmproduktion for ZDF), starring Mario Adorf as Karl Marx.


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